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v 1.2.0
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About iRehearse For MAC

iRehearse... Have you ever struggled to understand the lyrics to your favorite song? Have you ever wondered what is going on during a loud solo or big drum fills? Have you ever had to re-tune an instrument to practice a track that was tuned a semitone down? iRehearse can help! iRehearse, a software phrase training program, is designed to help musicians learn, practice, and transcribe tracks. You can loop, pitch shift, adjust the tempo and even audio EQ.

iRehearse can play most audio formats, such as MP3 and Wave, but it can also load other formats. Do you have a video of a song that you want to learn? iRehearse is able to play those videos! iRehearse uses Apple Quicktime for playback and can play almost any format Quicktime can.

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Whats New

Version 1.2.0:

Note: This application does not support Catalina and no longer being sold.

  • New faster waveform generation
  • Background waveform generation so you can play a track while waveform is created
  • Sliders for tempo and pitch adjustments - hover over the setting and they appear
  • Direct entry of tempo and pitch
  • More accurate in and out points for loops
  • Drag and Drop from iTunes
  • Drag and Drop multiple files into playlist
  • New Preferences window
  • Ability to disable VU - ideal for slower machines
  • Reset all adjustments in one click
  • Various bug fixes and performance tweaks