Invisibility Toggler for MAC

v 1.2
Category  System Utilities

Invisibility Toggler mac screenshot NaNInvisibility Toggler mac screenshot NaN

About Invisibility Toggler For MAC

Invisibility Toggler allows you to view invisible files within the Mac OS X Finder.

All invisible files will be visible the first time it is run. It will hide all invisible files again the next time you run it.

Invisibility Toggler works fast, is well-developed, and is remarkably simple to use. It doesn't ask for confirmation every time you run it. It also comes with complete source code that you can modify for your own private use. The author doesn't require you to pay anything for it (although a small donation would be appreciated).

Invisibility Toggler was created because other free programs don’t automatically change visibility settings. Instead, they prompt the user to do so. You can choose to be prompted before the setting changes are made. If you feel comfortable editing AppleScript code you can modify the source code included in the Read Me.

Download Invisibility Toggler For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.2:

  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Lion
  • Improved compatibility with Cocoatech Path Finder
  • Speed improvements