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About InstantShot! For MAC

InstantShot! screen capturing, smart way.

Are you a frequent user of screenshot software and feel like something is missing? Do you feel they are not efficient or too complicated? Are you tired of reading long menus? InstantShot is the software for you if you answered "yes" one or more of these questions. InstantShot! is the right software for you

InstantShot! InstantShot! : The answer to all your screencapturing problems in just a few Kbytes

What are the features of InstantShot! What are the features of InstantShot! InstantShot! InstantShot! offers classic screenshot functionality, including the ability to capture the entire screen, a portion of it, or a window. It also has the option to make timed or delayed screenshots. It provides many options and options to best suit everyone's needs.

What is InstantShot! How does InstantShot!
InstantShot! Creates an icon in your menu bar. A menu will open by clicking on the icon. Select the capture type you prefer from the menu (wholescreen, portion of screen or multiple captures). You can also change the save format by selecting the appropriate submenu and then... capture!

What image formats are supported?
InstantShot! InstantShot can save images in Tiff and Jpg formats. Images can also be saved to the clipoard for easy import into other applications.

Will InstantShot! occupy space on my desktop?
Absolutely not! InstantShot! InstantShot doesn't show up in your dock or on the desktop.

What languages is InstantShot available? What languages is InstantShot!
The software is available in English and Traditional Chinese, French, German and Italian. If you would like to contribute a locale, please contact us via our site.

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Whats New

Version 2.7.1:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor

  • Bug fixes