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About Insights For MAC

INSIGHTS, original parallel software, is used to automatically build predictive models from data using evolutionary, self-organizing modeling approaches. The software creates a working mathematical model by taking observational data. It is compatible with data stored in many popular formats, such as Microsoft Excel. The AI-powered, self organizing, modeling algorithms allow users easy access to new and useful knowledge that can be used to support decision-making.

INSIGHTS6 introduces Systems of Equations. This superset of Vector Auto-regressive Models allows for model development from observation data of linear or non-linear interdependent system and processes for multi-step ex-ante forecasting. Examples such as the forecasting of the U.S., Japanese or German national economies up to 2021 are just a few examples of the outstanding modeling technology. These results compare favorably with forecasts from the International Monetary Fund.

Whether used for sales prediction, energy forecasting or other life sciences related questions, INSIGHTS offers a wealth of new opportunities to individuals, small businesses, and scientists. This is a vast improvement on the options previously offered only to large organizations that could afford data mining software. The software is easy to use and can be used by anyone in any field to analyze noisy data and create powerful models. These models can be used to gain new insights into complex phenomena and to predict future behavior, simulate "what if" questions, and to identify ways to control processes.

Select Features:
  • Deep Learning based original, high-dimensional, self organizing, inductive knowledge mining using observation data
  • Systems of Equations to model linear and non-linear interdependent system models and processes.
  • Automatically creates models and ensembles of models from data. Also, explicit mathematical equations are used to describe the data in order to interpret how the model works.
  • All complex tasks, such as knowledge extraction, model development, validation, and relevant variables selection, are combined into one process that conceals them from the user
  • Cost-optimized, prevalence sensitive classification and sequential Similar Patterns technologies
  • Model deployment and export to Microsoft Excel. Ready-to-use Python source code, Objective-C, AppleScript, or TEXT for Matlab

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Whats New

Version 6.3.5:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented data tables to draw properly when scrolled
  • macOS 11 Big Sur support