iCalMail for MAC

v 1.5
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About iCalMail For MAC

iCalMail ... This program creates an email calendar that allows you to automatically email people at specific times. This shows you what e-mails look like.

  • Event name -> Subject
  • Location -> Attachment
  • Participants -> Recipients
  • Notes field -> message text
  • Sender email url field
You don't have to click the "Send” button. This will activate iCal's normal invitation system. Click outside the event pane to close it, or press "esc".
Please note that Leopard uses a workaround to send you the email.

For best results:
  • Set the alarm to open "iCalMail" app "0 Minutes Before".
  • You should schedule events at least five minutes apart.
Attachments should be written in the following format: "/Volumes/Volume name/Folder name/File name" (without quotes).

It is fine if the URL field begins with "http ://"" or is left empty.

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Whats New

Version 1.5:

  • Bug fixes for Leopard.