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how to recover rar password on a mac

Suan Pan 1.0
Author: Peter Olafson
Date: 29 June, 2012
Downloads: 7
Size: 8.7 MB
License: Shareware
A classic 13 row Chinese Suan Pan. There is no digital readout. I wanted to keep it pure(on a Mac).

Click on the blue button to switch between 1 or 2 rows of Heaven beads.
Category: Utilities
iPhoneTunnel 2.3
Author: novi
Date: 25 June, 2013
Downloads: 0
Size: 819.2 KB
License: Shareware
It is (mostly) thanks to him that we can SSH over USB to our iTouch-devices on a Mac for the newer iTunes and firmware versions, so be nice and say "Thanks"!This needs some more work to become user-friendly and a lot more to be considered elegant.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities / Other
Fingerworks - guitar software learning app teatcher 1.0
Author: Boris Douarre
Date: 30 December, 2013
Downloads: 13
Size: 8.3 MB
License: Freeware
FingerWorks is a free, educational tool to learn the notes on a fretboard of a guitar.FingerWorks is best used with a guitar teacher or a coach but can, of course, be used alone.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Audio & Multimedia / Music Composers
Mac Recovery Software
Author: Mac Recovery Software
Date: 29 December, 2011
Downloads: 24
Size: 13.7 MB
License: Demo
Software tool to recover lost / deleted files from Mac OS or other storage device. It has the ability to recover formatted / re formatted / partitioned / repartitioned Mac volumes. It has the ability to identify and recover images, audios, videos.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities / Backup & Restore
Recover PDF Password 2.0
Author: Mac Eltima Software
Date: 29 March, 2009
Downloads: 3251
Size: 4.0 MB
License: Shareware
Recover PDF Password is a great tool, which recovers "owner" and "user" passwords of PDF documents if they were accidentally lost. It guarantees the recovery of complicated and long passwords of PDF files created with all versions of Adobe Acrobat.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
Category: Security & Privacy / Other
ColorBot 1.0
Author: Dimension Technology, LLC
Date: 17 August, 2012
Downloads: 0
Size: 614.4 KB
License: Shareware
Meet ColorBot: a better way to deal with colors on your Mac.

Designers and developers work with colors every day. They're essential. Yet, finding, organizing, and working with colors is still a mess. ColorBot aims to fix that.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Development / Other
RosettaTest 0.89
Author: Werner Lonsing
Date: 13 June, 2012
Downloads: 111
Size: 993.3 KB
License: Freeware
RosettaTest is a program to indicate whether an application in Mac OS X is running natively on a Mac powered by processors from Intel or is dynamically translated by Rosetta.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later
Category: Utilities / Other
Data Glue 2.1
Author: Fishbeam Software
Date: 09 September, 2012
Downloads: 11
Size: 2.5 MB
License: Freeware
Data Glue is the best solution to glue file parts (.001, .002, .003 etc.) together on a Mac. These file parts are usually shared on filehosters like RapidShare, if the orginal file is too large.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities / Other
MacMerger 1.0
Author: Inc.
Date: 14 October, 2012
Downloads: 37
Size: 2.4 MB
License: Freeware
MacMerger is the quick and easy way to merge two folders on your Mac. Simply select the original folder and the folder you would like to merge it’s contents with and with a single click of the mouse the contents are merged together.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities / File & Disk Management
Rename Multiple Files 1.0
Author: Jason ?•A im?“?Znek
Date: 07 July, 2013
Downloads: 12
Size: 71.7 KB
License: Freeware
Rename multiple JPEG files on a Mac. This individual was apparently able to accomplish this amazing feet with very little effort on a Windows system. (Every time I hear someone say how easy Windows makes something my stomach turns.) I used to have an
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities / Automation Tools
Author: AnalystSoft
Date: 09 September, 2008
Downloads: 472
Size: 13.4 MB
License: Shareware
Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Turn Microsoft Excel 2004 or 2008 into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Microsoft Excel provides invaluable calculation tools to Mac users.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
Category: Home & Hobby / Personal Finance
Pro Tools Free Setup Scripts
Author: Arvid Tomayko-Peters
Date: 14 January, 2009
Downloads: 148
Size: 29.0 KB
License: Freeware
Compile scripts to run Pro Tools on a Classic Mac. Pro Tools Free Setup Scripts (in application form) are designed to setup your (classic) mac to use Pro Tools Free 5 from Digidesign.
Platform: Mac OS 9.2
Category: Utilities / Other
Author: AnalystSoft
Date: 14 June, 2010
Downloads: 0
Size: 18.9 MB
License: Shareware
Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Turn Microsoft Excel 2004 or 2008 into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Stop wasting time learning new tools and perform complex statistical analysis right away!
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac Other
Category: Business / Math & Scientific Tools
One-JAR(TM) 0.97
Date: 26 July, 2012
Downloads: 8
Size: 305.3 KB
License: Freeware
One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing problem in Java: how to distribute an application as a single jar-file, when it depends on multiple other jar-files. One-JAR uses a custom classloader to discover library jar files inside the main jar.
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Category: Development / Other
iText Express 3. 4. 2001
Author: LIGHT,WAY.
Date: 23 June, 2012
Downloads: 8
Size: 5.5 MB
License: Freeware
iText Express is a cute, intuitive, and refined text editor with simple word processing completely rewritten in Cocoa. iText Express provides the simplest way to make gorgeous manuscripts on your Mac!
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Business / Other
AppleWorks File Repair Utility .0 1
Author: Apple
Date: 18 September, 2012
Downloads: 10
Size: 440.3 KB
License: Shareware
This utility is designed to fix AppleWorks documents that have become damaged when the documents are saved from AppleWorks 6 running on a Mac OS X 10.2.x client to an AppleShare or compatible file server.

Learn more about AppleWorks.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later
Category: Utilities / Other
CouchDBX 1.0
Author: Couchio
Date: 26 August, 2012
Downloads: 6
Size: 11.8 MB
License: Freeware
CouchDBX includes a full version of Apache CouchDB including all dependencies. Download and double-click to run to get CouchDB running on your Mac without any fuss. Includes CouchDB’s admin utility Futon to manage your CouchDB databases.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Category: Development / Other
Virtual CD-RW 1.1
Author: BurningThumb Software
Date: 01 September, 2012
Downloads: 39
Size: 2.6 MB
License: Demo
Virtual CD-RW is an easy to use virtual CD driver.

Because Virtual CD-RW is a kernel extension (driver), it looks exactly like a physical drive to all applications running on the Mac OS.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Category: Utilities / Drivers
FatBooth 1.0
Author: PiVi & Co
Date: 21 May, 2012
Downloads: 1
Size: 5.4 MB
License: Shareware
Tired of diets?! Get fat instantly with FatBooth!
What would you look like with a "few" extra pounds? And what about your friends?
Find out with FatBooth, a fun way to instantly supersize faces on your Mac.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Graphic Apps / Editors
SimpleDigitalLocomotive 0.5b2
Author: Manfred and Christian Fischer
Date: 08 July, 2012
Downloads: 1
Size: 22.4 MB
License: Freeware
SimpleDigitalLocomotive can control digital model railway locomotives function models and accessories via serial ports on a Mac.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Category: Desktop / Other
CTQBuilder 1.1.2000
Author: Prime Digits Corporation
Date: 19 October, 2012
Downloads: 9
Size: 512.0 KB
License: Freeware
CTQBuilder is a companion application to the iPhone/iPod/iPad trivia game Chromotrivia.

CTQBuilder allows you to produce question files on your Mac for use with the Chromotrivia application.
Category: Utilities
Dropzone 2.3
Author: Aptonic Limited
Date: 04 July, 2012
Downloads: 6
Size: 2.1 MB
License: Shareware
Dropzone makes it faster and easier to get things done on your Mac.

Drag a file onto the Dropzone menu item and your fully customizable grid of destinations flies smoothly out using core animation.
Category: Business
FB Photo Browser 1.1.2001
Author: Pete Hodgson
Date: 18 June, 2012
Downloads: 1
Size: 614.4 KB
License: Freeware
A quick and easy way to view Facebook photos on your Mac.

- view your photo albums
- view your friend's photo albums
- view photos you've been tagged in, or photos your friends have been tagged in.
Folder Beautifier 1.2
Author: AllMyOne
Date: 02 May, 2012
Downloads: 7
Size: 1.7 MB
License: Shareware
Folder Beautifier a tool to customize the icons on your Mac with image and text.
All you have to do is:
1. drag the folder you want into the window
2. configure the looks.
3. click the save button.
Category: Utilities
Grinds & Slides 1.1
Date: 11 October, 2012
Downloads: 0
Size: 427.0 MB
License: Shareware
Top skateboarders show you how to grind and slide on obstacles.

One of Canada's hottest sponsored ams, Nick Moore, takes you through a serious selection of tricks in this advanced app by XNtrick.
Category: Games & Entertainment / Sports