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v 17.0.1446
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About HitFilm Express For MAC

HitFilm Express free video editing software that includes professional-grade VFX tools. It also has everything you need for creating amazing content, films, or gaming videos. This software is perfect for beginners, gamers, YouTubers, and anyone who doesn't have a budget.

Fully loaded, forever free

We know you have talent and drive so we offer you free video editing software. Why? Because you don't need to pay to play. We get to be part of your origin story, which is pretty amazing.

  • Professional-grade video editor
  • Full 2D and 3-D compositing
  • More than 410+ presets and effects
  • Video tutorials and projects available for free
  • Unlimited tracks and transitions
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Join our international filmmaking group

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Whats New

Version 17.0.1446 (2021.2):

  • HitFilm Express demo now uses the operating system’s native media services for encoding and decoding AVC video.
  • Users can now set a keyboard shortcut for exporting the current frame.
  • Importing images from a sequence using the standard Import command now defaults to importing only the individual selected images.
  • The pen mask tool has been improved, for greater control over closing and re-opening masks.
  • The interface for the GoPro Lens Reframe effect now matches the interface used in other hosts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to control the Zoom level of the Viewer.
  • Upgrades to the text layout and text rendering engines provide improved results in all text-based effects.
  • Scopes can now be disabled during playback to improve performance.
  • A keyboard command (Ctrl+T) has been added for opening timeline clips in the Trimmer.
  • Opening a timeline clip in the Trimmer now matches the Trimmer playhead position to the timeline playhead position, when possible.
  • Mocha HitFilm has been updated to version 7.5.2.
  • Modifying the Track Select tool with Alt allows you to select everything after the cursor, excluding clips at the cursor position.
  • HitFilm 2021.2 supports integration with VEGAS Pro 19.
  • Boris 3D Objects plugins have been updated to the latest version (2021.5/v14.5.3).
Bug Fixes:
  • When using multiple views in the Viewer, now only a single view can be set to active camera.
  • Resizing clips when a transition is also selected now works correctly.
  • HEVC support has been improved, and now handles a wider range of files.
  • The Viewer controls for the Bend geometry effect are now displayed properly.
  • Copying a layer with a parent from one timeline and pasting it to another timeline no longer causes stability issues.
  • Improved the styling of the Viewer controls for editing text, to correct an issue with underlines.
  • Closing the Options dialog no longer shifts focus unexpectedly to the Media panel.
  • Improved support for decoding WMV files.
  • Improved functionality for importing a specific range of images from an image sequence.
  • Layers which are not valid for export, such as grade layers, etc., can no longer be queued for export.
  • Adding 1440p video to a 1080p timeline no longer causes unexpected blurring.
  • Opening a project which contains a merged video file that is now offline no longer causes stability issues.
  • Interface panels which have been floated once again render with a drop shadow.
  • Alembic animation files for 3D models are now read more accurately, and show the correct duration.
  • Improved a styling issue where layer names would sometimes become elided unnecessarily.
  • Full Screen Preview is now hidden when the application is not active.
  • Improved rendering of motion paths for layer positioning in the Viewer.
  • Motion paths for layers with numerous position keyframes now render more quickly.
  • Import speed for camera data, when motion paths are active on the Viewer, has been improved.
  • Improved the styling of the floating Mask controls dialog.
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented the application from closing completely.
  • The search functionality in the Effects panel has been improved.
  • Improved support for iPhone videos which contain an edit list.
  • Rotating the Text effect no longer distorts the line spacing.
  • The Text effect now updates correctly when the font is changed.
  • Embedded texture maps are now correctly loaded when importing a GLB model.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for exporting the timeline now function correctly.
  • Performance when deleting large quantities of keyframes is improved.
  • Clicking a label in the Prompts & Warnings panel of the Options dialog now toggles the correct checkbox.
  • Individual elements in the Custom Light Flares effect can now be reordered more effectively.
  • The Search box in the Custom Light Flares effect now has a Clear button, to clear the search.
  • Clicking the path for an export task when multiple export tasks are selected now works correctly.
  • The Alpha Mode menu for PBR shaders no longer shows an Unknown option which should not be present.
  • Improved the rendering of spotlights with soft edges, in shadow areas.
  • The Atomic Particles effect now correctly registers imported animation for 3D models.
  • Parade Scopes now fit correctly within the graph.
  • The Parade Scope now shows the correct chroma channels when set to YCbCr color.
  • The Fade behavior now renders the correct frame when its Reveal Length is set to 0%.
  • The tooltip for the Minimize/Maximize button on floated panels has been updated.
  • Clearing the search field in the Effects panel no longer leaves folders open unexpectedly.
  • Undoing the creation of a mask point no longer deselects the mask.
  • The Ratio control in the Audio Compressor effect is now working correctly.
  • The Export Now command no longer starts export of other queued export tasks.
  • The maximize button on floated interface panels now works correctly.
  • Performance of deleting mask path keyframes has been improved.
  • The waveform displayed for merged audio and video is now properly synced with the audio and video.
  • H.264 export of a timeline with an odd number in the pixel dimensions no longer changes the dimensions unexpectedly.
  • HitFilm projects which use the Mocha HitFilm effect now render correctly in VEGAS Pro. (Windows)
  • Deleting multiple selections which include both clips and transitions now correctly deletes the transitions.
  • Improved the rendering speed of Atomic Particles on AMD Mac hardware. (Mac)
  • Support for AE plugins when AE 2021 is installed has been improved. (Mac)
  • Closing HitFilm while the timeline is playing no longer causes stability issues. (Mac)
  • Composite shots containing glTF models now render illumination correctly on the Editor.
  • The keyframe buttons on the Editor now update correctly when the temporal type of keyframes is changed.
  • The title of the Track Rename dialog on Macs running Big Sur now displays correctly. (Mac)
  • Motion paths for layers whose position is altered by behavior effects are now accurately represented in the Viewer.
  • AE plugins now load more quickly on certain systems after HitFilm is launched.
  • Searching repeatedly for add-on effects no longer causes multiple browser tabs to open when the add-on link is clicked.
  • Improved stability while using the Foundry Camera Tracker effect.
  • The viewer gizmo for the Light Flares effect now retains accurate alignment when applied to a rotated clip or plane.
  • The keyboard shortcut for the Ripple Delete command (Opt+Del) now works correctly on Mac systems. (Mac)
  • OFX Effects and OFX Transitions are now differentiated in the Effects panel.
  • OFX transitions no longer cause stability issues on Mac systems. (Mac)
  • Using the Motion Track effect on the editor no longer causes stability issues.
  • Searching for addon in the timeline now includes all add-on effects in the results.