Hermes for MAC

v 1.3.1
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Hermes For MAC

Hermes, a standalone Pandora client, is open-source. It doesn't need Flash or Adobe Air. You can play Pandora or Pandora One without opening any browser.

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Whats New

Version 1.3.1:

  • Allow display of play/pause status in the Dock to be disabled
  • Add “Skip” button to macOS song notifications
  • Better distinguish the play/pause icon from the album art in the Dock
  • Use native Touch Bar controls (when Hermes is not the active application) in macOS 10.12.2 and later
  • Provide notification of stream stopping when Hermes is quit
Fixed or Improved
  • Clarify “thumbs up” and “rating” in scripting
  • Fix “current song” reference in scripting
  • Work around a regression in macOS 10.12 which caused issues when showing drawers
  • Fix checking then unchecking “Use proxy for audio” leaving proxy enabled
  • Don’t crash, instead display a message when proxy information is invalid
  • Work around Pandora API returning errors in user.canSubscribe
  • Several code cleanups