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v 1.4
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About HarmonEye For MAC

HarmonEye lets you see what you hear. A unique software application that looks like a retina of the eye, HarmonEye listens to music and displays the chords and tones being played. Any audio. In real-time. You can see the melody, chords, and key of your favorite songs. Include the nuances, like a singer's vibrato. It's easy to write it down or just stare at it for hours, and you will be amazed at your absolute pitch.

  • Imagine the tones of the music as a circle.
  • All tones from all octaves are combined into one tone
  • Each tone bin can be viewed in its entirety to see vibrato, slides and so on.
  • To see modulations between keys, switch to the circle of fives.
  • To average the tones over time, switch to the accumulation mode
  • Pause!
  • Real-time work
  • Music is taken from the default audio input (e.g. microphone, line-in).
  • Soundflower driver allows you to route audio output from your Soundflower system and listen to iTunes, YouTube or any other source.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 1.4:

  • Better harmonic tone detector
  • Percussion filtering and enhancement of the harmonic components
  • Far better visualization of tones
  • New app icon
  • Modified coloring
  • Accumulation mode uses exponential window (a moving window of samples) instead of moving average (all samples since some time)