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About Google Web Designer For MAC

Google Web Designer creates interactive HTML5-based designs that are engaging and can be used on any device.

Let us handle the HTML5 & CSS3 so that you can focus on what you love: creating stunning visual experiences. You can easily bring any vision to reality with a complete design suite. You can also edit the code behind your designs yourself if you feel more hands-on. This means you are never restricted in your work. Code can now enhance your ideas, not limit them.

  • There are two animation modes. In Quick mode you can build your animations scene-by-scene and we'll take care the frames between. Advanced mode allows you to animate individual elements with layers. You can easily change the location of elements within a stack.
  • Full 3D authoring platform. Create, modify and manage 3D content using a variety of tools and the power and flexibility of CSS3. Rotate objects, 2D designs, and even 2D models along any axis. Visualize 3D transformations as you write.
  • Design view and Code view. A visual tool can only represent your imagination, creativity, and vision in a limited way. You can switch between Design View or Code View while you work. Any changes to your code will be immediately reflected in your designs.
  • Illustration tools. Import any assets from any creative suite or use our built-in illustration tool to create vector-style artwork. This will keep your designs simple. Simply use the Tag tool to create new HTML tags for your designs.
  • Simple ad workflow. Google Web Designer makes publishing ads on any platform easy. You can choose from AdMob or DoubleClick Studio, or you can go for the Generic option which allows you to push content through any other advertising network. No coding required.

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Whats New

Version (Version | Shell Build

Image ads:
  • Create image ads from scratch or export existing HTML5 ads as JPG or PNG images.
  • Use variants to make different versions of the same ad, all from the same document.
  • Build a multi-size layout using the responsive workflow so you can export different-sized ads from a single document.
  • Preview JPG quality at different compression levels before exporting.
Backdrop tool:
  • In video and image ads, apply CSS filters such as blur and grayscale to the area behind an element.
  • Draw backdrop elements of different shapes, including rectangle, oval, various polygons, and freeform.
Fixes & improvements:
  • Fixed error when saving with keyboard shortcut while text box was active.
  • [Masking] Start point is now highlighted when the shape is about to be closed when drawing a freeform polygon mask.
  • [Masking] A vertex is only added if there isn't already one at the position where the mouse is released when drawing a freeform polygon mask.
  • [Pen tool] Fixed error when undoing the creation of anchor points.