Google Play Music Desktop Player for MAC

v 4.7.1
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Google Play Music Desktop Player mac screenshot NaNGoogle Play Music Desktop Player mac screenshot NaNGoogle Play Music Desktop Player mac screenshot NaNGoogle Play Music Desktop Player mac screenshot NaN

About Google Play Music Desktop Player For MAC

Google Play Music Desktop Player offers a level of customization that is simply not available in the web player. You can customize your theme, change the colors, and send your play history directly to It even has an equalizer. This desktop player can do it all, from advanced audio controls to simple song changes notifications, It is lightweight and standalone, so it will consume far less resources than Google Play Music opened in a standard Chrome tab. This allows you to use your computer's resources for things you care about instead of playing music.

Open source means that the app is available on GitHub. This gives you the opportunity to have input into all features we create. You can also get involved and help out. We will look into it if you have a problem or suggestions.

Google Play Music Desktop Player Features
  • Media Keys support (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous, Next)
  • Last.FM Scrobbling and now Playing support
  • Track change via desktop notifications
  • Mini player that is simple
  • You can customize your dark theme
  • Taskbar media controls (media control embedded into the taskbar). Windows only
  • HTML5 audio support - No more Adobe Flash Player
  • Built-in audio equalizer – Make it sound exactly how you want it to
  • Background music played, reduce to the task bar
  • Customizable hotkeys. You don't need media keys? No problem!
  • From the player, choose your audio output device
  • Interface for external applications like Rainmeter

Download Google Play Music Desktop Player For MAC

Whats New

Version 4.7.1:

This is a minor release of Google Play Music Desktop Player. It's been a long time coming so quick shout out to everyone for struggling on and waiting for this release.

  • Arguably an important part of the app, you can now sign in again!
  • That pesky segfault on linux no longer happens, should make the linux folks happier!
  • You never knew it, but discord rich precense threw a lot of errors, now it doesn't
  • MPRIS on KDE should work again
  • Reloading custom styles actually works
  • macOS Touch Bar support, there are buttons, and you can touch them, amazing!
  • There is a new Slack integration, if you want your co-workers to know you love Disney music, you can now tell them!
  • YouTube Music now shows up in the Discord Rich Precense integration
  • We now have translation support for Korean and Georgian
  • Better translations for Japanese, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Dutch Languages