Google App Engine SDK for MAC

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Google App Engine SDK mac screenshot NaNGoogle App Engine SDK mac screenshot NaN

About Google App Engine SDK For MAC

Google App Engine allows you to run your Web apps on Google's infrastructure. App Engine applications are simple to build and maintain. They can also be scaled as your traffic grows and your data storage requirements increase. App Engine doesn't require servers to maintain. You simply upload your application and it's ready for use.

You can either use an free domain to host your app, or you can use Google Apps to host it from your own domain. You can share your app with the world or limit access to employees within your organization.

App Engine is free to use. Register for a free account to create and publish your application. No obligation and no cost. Free accounts can store up to 500MB per month and have enough CPU and bandwidth to support approximately 5 million page views per month. In the near future you will be able purchase additional computing resources.

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Version 1.9.49:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version, the developer states that this is version 1.9.49.

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