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About GLYUVPlay For MAC

GLYUVPlay Video coding research often requires standalone implementation and testing. These streams can be easily parsed and generated using very simple methods, making raw YUV files very common in video codec standardization.

This utility allows you to convert, compare and playback RAW YUV on MacOS X.

Raw export is available in version 0.9. This allows you to save your input sequences in various RAW formats, resolutions, and color depths. Scaled output is achieved using a high-quality 16 tap windowed Sinc filter (also known as the Lanczos filter). Another change in v0.9 was the inclusion of multiple input formats. These include 8 or 10 Bit in 4/2:0 subsampling and 4/2:2.

RAW sequences can also be converted (encoded to) any movie format supported in Quicktime (e.g. Use in presentations

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Whats New

Version 0.96:

  • implemented Y4M file format support (except 4:1:1)
  • YCbCr4:4:4 8 Bit planar support
  • Y only (4:0:0) 8 Bit support
  • 10 Bit UYVY support in big endian notation
  • option to disable automatic multi-file concatenation in open dialog
  • [Bugfix] fixed missing 4:2:2 planar mode for conversion/SSIM calculation
  • [Bugfix] copy to clipboard fix for Snow Leopard
  • added 1920x1088 to auto-detect list
  • several other bug fixes