GitHub Desktop for MAC

v 2.9.4
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About GitHub Desktop For MAC

GitHub Desktop lets developers synchronize branches, clone repositoryes, and many other features. All the great features that make sharing easy include pull requests, merge button and fork queue. These features are only useful if you have pushed your code on GitHub.

GitHub Desktop Features
  • Synchronize branch - This button pushes your changes on GitHub and pulls down the changes of others in one operation. It will notify you when there are changes that you haven’t pushed or new changes on GitHub that you haven’t pulled down.
  • Clone repositories with one click - We automatically match repositories to GitHub Desktop Mac with the organizations you belong to when you add them to GitHub Desktop Mac. You can pull down a repository on The button is located on the website.
  • Simple branching – Branching is one Git's most powerful features. It's easy to create new branches in your area, test out remote branches and share them with others.

Download GitHub Desktop For MAC

Whats New

Version 2.9.4:

  • Add syntax mapping for HAML
  • Add support for WezTerm on macOS
  • Add a menu item to view a committed file change on GitHub
  • Diffs are scrolled to the top when switching between files
  • Fix SSH prompt for unknown hosts in some scenarios
  • Apply syntax highlighting when viewing a small change for the first time
  • Wrap long email addresses in the misattributed commit warning popover
  • Refresh diffs when application receives focus
  • Only consider tokens invalid when 401 error comes from GitHub Enterprise
  • Show "add repo" dialog when opening repo from CLI
  • Continue merge flow after merge conflicts are resolved with external conflict tool
  • Prevent crash on successful merge after conflicts resolved
  • Use same width for hunk expansion handles as we do for line numbers
  • Use the correct icon for diff expansion
  • Add offending file name to the file exceeds size limit error
  • Show a message explaining why line selection is disabled when hiding whitespace
  • Upgrade embedded Git to v2.32.0 on macOS, and to on Windows
  • Remove gaps in the commit message container revealing a different background
  • Add clearer verbiage in the "remove repository" dialog
  • Update grammar for "repo deletion" and "couldn't find pull request" error messages
  • Show confirmation dialog for SSH host key verification