FrostWire for MAC

v 6.9.5
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About FrostWire For MAC

FrostWire performs smart searches on the most relevant torrent search results from BitTorrent search engines. This means it remembers every torrent it scans and increases your chances of finding what you want, super fast.

FrostWire retrieves search results from search engines and uses these results to crawl Azureus DHT to discover the contents of these torrents. FrostWire will not use bandwidth from search engines to do this. It will only use torrent info hash to execute DHT queries. This means that.torrent files will be fetched from the DHT and not from search engines' Web servers. Its search power is not dependent on any central entity.

FrostWire can also download directly from cloud sources (YouTube, Soundcloud), and has a full file library with a file player. FrostWire also has an Android app that allows users to transfer files between their Macs, and their phones over Wi-Fi.

The software is freeware but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 6.9.5:

  • Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 17
  • SC search fixed
  • jlibtorrent- update
  • dev: common java source code now has Java 11 support. cleanups.
  • lt:fix issue on MacOS where the DHT was not restarted on a network-up notification
  • lt:make remove_torrent flags be treated as flags (instead of an enum)
  • lt:improve handling of seed flag in PEX messages
  • lt:fix issue of accruing unlimited DHT node candidates when DHT is disabled
  • lt:fix bug in parsing chunked encoding
  • lt:fix incorrect reporting of active_duration when entering graceful-pause