FreeMind for MAC

v 1.1.0_Beta_2
Category  Productivity

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About FreeMind For MAC

FreeMind Mac is a simple-to-use mind-mapping program that focuses on folding. It is based on Java and compatible with different environments including Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. It is a great productivity tool that can be used to plan projects, revise for exams, or generate new ideas.

  • Branchs move automatically to ensure that your nodes are presented in an organized and logical way. You can also move them manually.
  • FreeMind Mac can be downloaded to protect your map and individual branches from data loss. It offers an automatic backup function that uses DES encryption.
  • There is no need to choose between fast fold/unfold or link following. Smooth navigation allows you to fold/unfold and follow links in one click.
  • Edit long multiline nodes even with newlines.
  • Decorate nodes using beautiful fonts, tones, icons, and tones.

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Whats New

Version 1.1.0_Beta_2:

Big New Features:
  • HiDPI support (for Windows and Linux).
  • Look into the properties under Appearance -> Scale.
  • Provided a new way to generate graphical and local links: copy and paste nodes as graphical or local links.
  • The paste of structured (HTML) data recognizes the structure and reconstructs it as hierarchical nodes.
  • Format dialog has example nodes that show all the changes.
Smaller Features:
  • Font color combo box
  • Re-developed lots of the attribute functionality
  • Search dialog on geographical maps accepts coordinates in the form "lat lon" or "lat lon;lat2 lon2;..."
  • A reverse lookup is then performed unless you set do_reverse_lookup_on_lat_lon_search to false
  • New search-and-replace dialog shows tooltips of the node and note text
  • Enhanced the calendar widget to show 12 month at once
  • Standalone map server created
  • Icon toolbar can have multiple columns (see properties->appearance)
  • On save, thumbnails are created and displayed as tooltip on mindmap links to other mm-files
  • Added node statistics to the status bar (inclusive sums of node contents)
  • New Export as HTML page with a single clickable image containing only the links (URLs) or the map
  • Clones can be deactivated by menu
  • Strikethrough
  • Sorting in both directions by repeating the command
  • Markings in calendars