FreeDMG for MAC

v 0.5.9b
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About FreeDMG For MAC

FreeDMG This is one of the most powerful and simple-to-use disk imaging programs available for Mac OS X. This software allows you to quickly and easily perform disk imaging. Drag-and-drop imaging can be done from both the program's window and the dock icon. There are many image formats available, including UDZO, UDCO and others. FreeDMG can create Internet-enabled disk images for distribution to Macs, as well as ISO/Joliet mixed images for cross-platform delivery. Verbose preferences and a built in log window allow users to hide/display additional information regarding the imaging process.

FreeDMG makes it easy to access the many options for creating and manipulating disk image files in Mac OS X. This software tries to reveal everything, from the hidden "resize” function of hdiutil to adjustable compresion levels for the UDZO file format. You have the option of overwriting existing files and you can choose to quit the software automatically after creating an image. With a click, images can be encrypted (password protected)

FreeDMG allows you to attach beautiful html/rtf license agreements to disk images. This software is the best way to add SLAs for multi-lingual distribution to disk images. FreeDMG's license creation process prevents character loss in all 2-byte languages.

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Whats New

Version 0.5.9b:

  • Removed "Create from Device" option under Images menu (was causing crashing in 10.6)
  • Checks for empty volume/device array before updating menus in "-menuNeedsUpdate" method (was crashing on launch when run on 10.4/10.6 machines)