FolderOrg for MAC

v 1.2
Category  System Utilities

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About FolderOrg For MAC

FolderOrg This Folder Action can be attached to any other folder. FolderOrg will organize any new items that are added to the folder in a sub folder named with current date. This allows you to keep track of the date items were added to a particular folder. This is perfect for your Downloads folder.

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Whats New

Version 1.2:

  • Renamed FolderOrg from FolderOrg X. OS 9 is long gone and is no longer supported, so no need for the distinction.
  • Better compatibility with Safari download files with the .download extension
  • Opening FolderOrg from the Finder will allow the user to set some preferences
  • Option to open the dated subfolder in the Finder when an item is added
  • Option to activate (bring to front) the Finder when an item is added
  • Option to set the modification date for the added item to the date and time the item was added
  • Can operate as a 'helper app'; can be set as a post-processing app. Might be useful for FireFox/Camino and other apps that allow post processing of files.
  • Much faster performance; many file operations performed with UNIX shell instead of the Finder