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About Flume For MAC

Flume has not been updated in a while, and Developer doesn't respond to any users. This program may have been discontinued. It may be used at your own risk.

Flume brings Instagram to your desktop. It features stunning edge-to-edge photos, direct messaging, upload support, and more.

  • Upload photos, videos, and carousel posts directly onto Instagram. Support for original and square formats, tagged places, captions, and captions. *
  • Switch effortlessly between multiple Instagram accounts. *
  • You can start conversations with other users, create groups, and share your favorite photos or videos together.
  • Beautiful design that focuses your attention only on the videos and photos.
  • All day, you can view, like, comment on, follow, and share.
  • View photos and videos in full resolution and in their original aspect ratio.
  • You can immerse yourself deeper and magnify photos and videos using QuickLook support.
  • You can view popular content based on the users you follow and your current location.
  • You can see the most recent activity (new likes and comments from Instagram friends) and respond to any notifications (new follower requests).
  • Swipe with your trackpad, Magic Mouse, and scroll through your feed.
  • Save hashtags, users, and locations to search for them quickly.
  • View photos and videos that were tagged with a hashtag or shared with other users.
  • With translation support, you can read comments and captions written using a language that you don't understand.
  • 100% keyboard navigable, and 100% VoiceOver/accessibility supported.

Please note that features marked with a * need to be purchased of Flume Pro.

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Whats New


  • A potential crash when trimming a video during file selection.
  • A potential crash when removing the hover state from certain text links.
  • An issue with location search results not appearing.
  • An issue with undo coalescing when pasting text into text entry areas and using the macOS undo/redo functionality.
  • When viewing the details of a post shared in a conversation, and then deleting that post, popping back to the conversation will immediately update to remove the now non-existent shared post.
  • An upload issue when failing to convert the color space of source items.
  • An issue with text links changing to the wrong color after mouse hover.