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v 1.0.1
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About Flowrigami For MAC

Flowrigami allows you to create and visualize different workflows using JavaScript. This product is open-source and developed by Scand (software development company).


Our goal is to create a lightweight, friendly component that can quickly create workflows (UML/BPMN), and integrate processes edditing/monitoring in your project.

These are the main features:

  • It is user-friendly and has all the tools you need to quickly create workflows.
  • Lightweight component;
  • Integration is fast and simple
  • Support for UML activity diagrams
  • Support for BPMN diagrams (in this process)
  • "Edit" mode allows you to create, and "View" mode allows you to display workflows.
  • JSON format for import/export
  • Export workflow as PNG
  • API allows you to import/export.
  • Support for indicator elements - It allows you to create interactions between live and processed data (please see demos below).
  • Indicator values/color change via API.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.1:

  • Initial release