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v 1.7.5
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About Flip HTML5 For MAC

Flip HTML5 is an interactive HTML5 digital publishing platform that offers a wide range of features.

Multimedia to Digital Publications: Online Editor

Online Editor allows you to add multimedia (video, link audio, images) directly to your books without the need to install the desktop client.

Marketing Your Branding with Custom Domains

FlipHTML5 allows you to choose a custom domain. This allows you to put your brand on your HTML5 books, instead of FlipHTML5’s.

Self-Hosting & Online Hosting Available at No Charge

FlipHTML5 provides a free online hosting service that allows you to publish your books online, even if you don't own a website. If you own a server, you can export the books to a local computer and host them on your website.

You can read and work anywhere and anytime

FlipHTML5 aims to provide seamless reading experiences for readers. FlipHTML5 books can be used on all modern web browsers. Users can also manage the books from their mobile devices, which allows them to process the book efficiently and quickly.

Access Statistics and Know More About Your Books:

Learn about your book statistics, including page visits, publications reads and bookcase shares, bookcase view, bookcase share, bookshare, bookcase visit, and ect.

Flip Book to PDF - Make PDF interactive

FlipHTML5 is a Flip Book Maker that converts PDF, MS Office and OpenOffice files to HTML5 & JQuery-based page flip eBooks. This makes PDF files more interactive. Watch the video

Multi-language User Interface

Fliphtml5 supports 17 languages as an interface: English, Japanese and French, German, Spanish. Italian, Portuguese, Czech. Simplified Chinese, Tranditional Chinese. Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Basque.

Animation Editor - Interactive & enrich

You can add animations, interactivity, and rich web content in real-time without having to write a single line code. Engage customers with immersive digital experiences

Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform

FlipHTML5 uses the cloud platform FlipHTML5 Cloud to deliver secure, high-performance user experiences to any device. It is available worldwide and local. It offers unmatched security and reliability to our customers.

Create Native APP for Android

FlipHTML5 allows users to create an Android App to publish their publications onto Android devices. This allows your readers to access the publications you create on Android smartphones or tablets.

Text Version - SEO Friendly

Multiple SEO profiles can be created. To ensure maximum search engine visibility, customize keywords and page titles. Extract the text from the PDF and publish it in Text version to make your content easily searchable by Google.

Notes & Annotations

FlipHTML5's annotation allows you to add comments and corrections to your flipbook. You can also sign, highlight, and even take photos. The annotation will be saved to the reader's computer. It can be easily read, moved, edited, or deleted.

Self-hosted and Offline - DVDCD & USB

You can use offline publications as part of your corporate gift, press kit, or promo production. FlipHTML5 allows you to automatically start your publication after inserting a DVD/SD or plugging in a USB-drive.

E-Commerce - Sell Books

FlipHTML5 now offers an easy way to sell your self-published flipbooks via E-Commerce. You can set price, currency, previewable pages, etc. You can set the price, currency, previewable pages, and other details. The sales earnings will be paid to the PayPal account that you specify. Only FlipHTML5 users logged in can view the entire book.

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Version 1.7.5:

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