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v 93.0
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About Firefox For MAC

Firefox provides a fast and safe Web browsing experience. Browse quickly, securely, effortlessly. Firefox is the preferred choice for Web developers and casual users alike, thanks to its industry-leading features.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac is a versatile browser that offers a wide range of features. It can hide user activity, and it has customizable privacy settings to protect your system against unwanted tracking and other harmful software.

Mozilla Firefox is great for both casual searches and more complicated queries.

To take screenshots, you don't need an extension or app. Firefox for Mac gives you a new capture tool that captures any page and makes them available online for download.

Faster and better Quantum has been released twice as fast than its predecessors, and requires 30% less memory to run than its main competitor Chrome. Clean Interface

Firefox interface is easy to use and has many tools and features that are easily found.

The homepage in dashboard-style offers access to:

  • Different search bars
  • Downloads
  • Bookmarks
  • Histories
  • Synchronization between devices and platforms
  • Add-ons
  • Toolbars that can be customized
  • Customizable page layouts
  • Advanced savings options
  • New screen capture tool
  • Facebook container extension - a separate activity on Facebook from all other web activities.
  • Privacy tracking settings that are customizable and enhanced can slow down browsing speeds but protect your privacy.
  • Protect your computer against malware and other harmful software
  • Lockbox Password manager for password-free login
  • Firefox Monitor allows you to check and set alerts for email breaches.
  • Use Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Back up your Firefox profile
  • Site optimization for a smooth browsing experience
  • Tiled history: A tiled display of your most recent visits to sites
  • Session Restore
Support for Developers
  • Firefox offers a platform open-source for developers to create powerful extensions and add-ons
  • To improve productivity and user experience, add extensions to the Firefox extension workshop.
  • Chrome Extensions can be easily port to the Developer Hub with minimal effort.
  • With the built-in command line tool, you can create, run, or test extensions
  • Automated code testing for your add-on
  • Check compatibility of your add-on across platforms
  • Live testing and debugging

Firefox is not supported on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.

Firefox Editions

Beta version is unstable. Firefox receives data from the platform about any issues.


Be the first to experience the new web browser's features. Nightly is a unstable testing and development platform that sends data to Mozilla, partners and other parties to resolve any issues.

Developer Edition

The only browser designed exclusively for developers allows you to author, debug, and scale.


Developers who are part of the iOS Developer Program have the opportunity to test Firefox beta version using Apple's TestFlight program.

Known Issues
  • Firefox won't start up - Check for operating-specific issues
  • Firefox crashes - Check the crash signature online to determine the error
  • Firefox runs, but is not responsive. Check if your profile has been locked.
  • No live support
  • It is difficult to find bookmarked pages
  • There are fewer extensions
  • Chrome is better for some websites
  • Plugins cannot be updated automatically
Can Firefox be used on a Mac?

Firefox can be used on a Mac if it has a later version of Mac OS X 10.8 installed.

What version of Firefox is the most recent?

Firefox 45.9.0esr has the most recent version with security fixes.

Firefox is it free?

Yes. Firefox is an open-source web browser.

Is Safari better or Firefox?

It will depend on the user preference. Safari will always win in terms of battery life. Safari, however, will always win in terms of developer options. Safari does not support open-source projects.

Is Chrome better or Firefox?

Comparing the two browsers is difficult because Firefox uses less memory while Google Chrome has a larger add-on library.

Download Firefox For MAC

Whats New

Version 93.0:

  • Firefox now supports the new AVIF image format, which is based on the modern and royalty free AV1 video codec. It offers significant bandwidth savings for sites compared to existing image formats. It also supports transparency and other advanced features.
  • Firefox PDF viewer now supports filling more forms (XFA-based forms, used by multiple governments and banks).
  • When available system memory is critically low, Firefox on Windows will automatically unload tabs based on their last access time, memory usage, and other attributes. This should help reduce Firefox out-of-memory crashes. Switching to an unloaded tab automatically reloads it.
  • To prevent session loss for macOS users who are running Firefox from a mounted .dmg file, they’ll now be prompted to finish installation. This permission prompt only appears the first time these users run Firefox on their computer.
  • Firefox now blocks downloads that rely on insecure connections, protecting against potentially malicious or unsafe downloads.
  • Improved web compatibility for privacy protections with SmartBlock 3.0.
  • Introducing a new referrer tracking protection in Strict Tracking Protection and Private Browsing.
  • The VoiceOver screen reader now correctly reports checkable items in accessible tree controls as checked or unchecked.
  • The Orca screen reader now works correctly with Firefox, no longer requiring users to switch to another application after starting Firefox.
  • Various security fixes
  • TLS ciphersuites that use 3DES have been disabled. Such ciphersuites can only be enabled when deprecated versions of TLS are also enabled.