FinderPop for MAC

v 2.5.7
Category  System Utilities

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About FinderPop For MAC

FinderPop a Universal preference panel that extends OS X’s contextual menus by using a FinderPop Items directory much like the Apple Menu Items folder used for the Apple menu

There are other features as well:

  • Popup that is completely uncontrolled in the Finder - useful for users with one-button mice
  • Launcher that takes up no screen real estate. Just click on any empty area in the menubar.
  • A handy filesystem browser that allows quick and easy access files and disks in Finder.
  • A Processes menu (Command-click a blank menubar area.)
  • Quick access to "Where's that dratted folder I had on my Desktop?" (Shift-Click a blank menubar area.)
  • The Aboutbox contains a comprehensive collection of beer-related aphorisms.

Please use the FinderPop Help button on the preference pane. There are many features in FP which are not immediately apparent. I am working on it. You can hover your mouse over most UI elements to see the help tags. The online manual is also available. Also, take a look at the FinderPop Support Forum

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Whats New

Version 2.5.7:

  • Allow FP to work with alias files produced by the Yosemite Finder.
  • In FinderPop's "Move/Copy/Alias" dialog, you can control-click the "Alias" button and FinderPop will create symlinks instead of aliases.
  • Fix minor bug in the "Move To..." and "Copy To..." scripts introduced last time (in the 'FinderPop Extras' folder.)
  • Add new "Alias To..." and "Symlink To..." scripts.
  • Fix a buffer overrun bug which could cause a crash in rare instances.