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v 26.3
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About Emacs For MAC

Emacs has returned with a vengeance. I recently bought a new MacBook and now have the desire for native Emacs goodness.

I looked around, though not too hard, and couldn't find any other Emacs binaries. Aquamacs was the exception to the rule. However, it is too different from normal Emacs behavior. It may be a good idea if multiple files are opened in one window scares or you're one of the few who have actually used the Emacs menus. Perhaps Command-O is better than C-x C–f to open a file. I sure don't. I want my emacs work like emacs, not like a Mac. :-) I don't mean to offend the Aquamacs guys; their goals are just as different from mine.

Anyway, I set up a script that builds emacs using CVS every week. It will work on any OS X version I am using at the moment. These snapshots are pre-release snapshots taken from the Emacs Cvs server. They may not work for your needs.

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Whats New

Version 26.3:

  • New GPG key for GNU ELPA package signature checking.