Dukko for MAC

v 1.7 beta 2
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About Dukko For MAC

Dukko allows you to rename MP3 and AAC files using iTunes tags.

Drag files or folders onto Dukko icon and select Normal, Normal, or Full mode. Dukko will rename file to "title.mp3", "track-title.mp3", or "track-author - title.mp3".

More: Dukko places every audio file into the right subfolders, just like Apple iTunes.

You can also add a prefix or suffix to the name. So if you type "LIVE" and click "Simple", Dukko will rename file to "LIVE – title.mp3".

No more bizarre symbols or names.

Important! Dukko can only work with MP3 and AAC files that have the correct info tag. (You can edit tags using iTunes or other tools.

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Whats New

Version 1.7 beta 2:

  • Fix a bug for Snow Leopard
  • Only for Mac OS 10.5 or more