Drupal for MAC

v 9.2.3-0
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About Drupal For MAC

Drupal has one of the most flexible open-source content management systems available. The most recent version of Drupal was developed by over a thousand developers. Drupal is optimized for high performance and can be scaled to many servers. It also integrates easily via REST, JSON and other formats. There are over 15,000 plugins that allow you to customize and extend the application for any type of website. Drupal users will not feel isolated. There are hundreds of thousands of Drupal users all over the world who have created a strong community through local meetups and international conferences.

Drupal Features
  • Drupal allows you to share information about yourself, your company, and your work with the world. You can easily add photo galleries or support social media to modules. It's also easy to create a theme that best reflects your personality.
  • Drupal is used by many well-known websites, such as those belonging to the University of Oxford or the White House. It offers professional content management and collaboration tools, and can scale to high workloads.
  • Drupal can power an online storefront. Modules can be used for order management, payment integration, notification, order management, and shopping cart workflows. It's easy to create themes for online storesfronts.

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Whats New

Version 9.2.3-0:

  • Updated Drupal to 9.2.3
  • Updated PHP to 7.4.22