Dicebox for MAC

v 1.3
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About Dicebox For MAC

Diceboxprovides security/privacy tools (menubar), which allows you to quickly and easily create random passwords (copy/paste), firefox-hardening (best privacy settings via User.js), surf-randomization, random mac-addresses, and many other useful features. It simply offers a huge increase in surfing-security.

  • Click: dicebox creates strong and secure passwords for copy/pasting
  • Click: The dicebox lets you choose from random-MAC-addresses (Lan/Wifi)
  • MAC'spoofing’
  • Via button / hotkey/ menuicon
  • MAC-adress is reset to factory default
  • Click: dicebox hardens firefox (user.js; best privacy-settings; securing against malware, attacks etc
  • Click: dicebox allows you to anonymously query email addresses for password-/data loss etc
  • (in data-breach-databases; lists all breaches -
  • This 'public' data can be used to f.e. used in most current blackmailing-attempts)
  • Say goodbye to exhibitionism-as-default
Why would I need it?
  • Increase security and privacy for your mac
  • Help yourself with network-problems using a standard-feature of ios -> now more open in macos
  • Or, you can simply play dice
  • Creates beautiful fun-clouds from your current device-map at facebook and google
  • Help against commercial trackers etc. (esp. (esp. in public networks).

Download Dicebox For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.3:

  • Light bugfixes; french translation (big thanks to Jean-Yves!); user.js: change of community (more current / strict / maintained)
  • Test-version (25 starts)