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About DH_ Freeware For MAC

A collection of 12 useful effects, generators, and transitions that you can use in Final Cut Pro X.

Effects DH_BoxX

Split-screen effects are now easier than ever. Watch the tutorial.


Fixes dead pixels on footage.
Watch the tutorial


Create animated timers with many options.
Watch the tutorial


Displays a grid of up to 30 divisions that can be used to align elements on the screen.


This is an easy way to create subtitles using auto-sized background boxes.
Watch the tutorial


While working in 16/9 aspect ratio projects, this position provides 4:3, 14.9, and 16:9 action as well as title safe areas.


The classic lens flare transition is given a modern makeover with controls to adjust the angle, color, and color.


Retro bumpy film splice effect combined with motion blur


This simulates the organic defect of light entering an old film camera.


Three color options and customizable positioning allow for eye-popping rays.


You can mimic the shutter action of a camera that has iris or vertical styles.


The Whoosh-style transition adds dynamic motion between two shots and allows for adjustment of direction.

* DH_CounterX/DH_SubtitleX allow only a selection from a fixed set of standard macOS fonts. No support is available for custom fonts.
** Only Final Cut Pro X supports the transitions. They won't be available in Motion.

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Version 1.0:

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