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DejaLu mac screenshot NaNDejaLu mac screenshot NaNDejaLu mac screenshot NaNDejaLu mac screenshot NaN

About DejaLu For MAC

DejaLu is an e mail client from Sparrow. It has a beautiful UI and a friendly interface. It also offers amazing high quality and new features. DejaLu was built from the ground up using Open-Source MailCore, libetpan and Spark that I maintain.

  • Simple and Slick User Interface - This user interface was designed to minimize "computer administrative clutter" and maximize content. Redesigned format and font size. DejaLu is simple to use and beautiful.
  • Zen Notifications Inbox Zero email is a difficult goal for humans. Emails accumulate, and it is often difficult to control the number of emails. Zen Notifications is a great feature for email notifications, and it's probably the best way to combat the stress of unread mails. The Dock badge with no counter appears when there is a new message. It disappears when you bring DejaLu up front.
  • Energy Efficient DejaLu downloads only what you need, making it more efficient and reducing your disk space.
  • Gmail Friendly - Client side implementations of labels, signature, signature and aliases include archive, signature, Gmail Friendly . It can be collapsed like a widget to save screen space.
  • CC/BCC – I think that CC/BCC has become an obsolete feature. Front, for example, allows users to share their entire inbox without having to CC/BCC. Although DejaLu's original version didn't include this feature, I realized that many people were too familiar with it from other mail clients. I believe that DejaLu should add this feature to its user base.

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Whats New

Version 1.0 (192):

  • Bug fixes