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Investment and Business Valuation
Author: Business Spreadsheets
Date: 16 February, 2011
Downloads: 108
Size: 166.0 KB
License: Shareware
The Investment and Business Valuation template is ideal for evaluating a wide range of investment, financial analysis and business case scenarios. Analysis performed includes accounting impact, Economic Value Added, and NPV of cash flows.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, , Windows Vista
Category: Business / Accounting & Finance
IOXperts 802.11b Driver
Author: IOXperts
Date: 06 January, 2009
Downloads: 58
Size: 215.0 KB
License: Demo
IOXperts 802.11b Driver works with a number of wireless networking cards, including: Accton AC-EW 3101 11 Mbps Cheetah Wireless PC Card Addtron AWP-100 IEEE 802.
Platform: Mac OS
Category: Network & Internet / Networking
Business Valuation Model Excel
Author: Excel Templates - The Spreadsheet Store
Date: 28 June, 2011
Downloads: 44
Size: 99.0 KB
License: Shareware
The Business Valuation Model Excel is a professional valuation model developed by a CFA charterholder. It allows users to perform complex business valuations in Microsoft Excel and provide detailed valuations from publicly-available information.
Platform: Android, Mac, Mac OS X 10.5, Windows Mobile 2003 , Windows Vista
Category: Business / Investment Tools
Tinnitus Tamer 4. 1. 2000
Author: VAVsoft
Date: 02 July, 2012
Downloads: 0
Size: 1.1 MB
License: Shareware
It appears only natural to assume that as our ears pick up sound waves, they convert them into electrical nerve signals that represent the sounds, a loud sound producing a large nerve signal, silence producing no nerve signal at all, and once these n
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
Category: Audio & Multimedia / Other
Bento library
Author: Gilles Boccon-Gibod and Julien Boeuf
Date: 16 June, 2013
Downloads: 2
Size: 993.3 KB
License: Freeware
This format is defined in ISO/IEC 14496-12, 14496-14 and 14496-15. The format is a derivative of the Apple Quicktime file format.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Development / Components & Libraries