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v 5.5.0
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About DavMail For MAC

DavMail Outlook will be gone! It's a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP exchange gateway allowing users to use any mail/calendar client (e.g., Thunderbird with Lightning or Apple iCal) with an Exchange server, even from the Internet or behind a firewall through Outlook Web Access. DavMail now supports LDAP gateways to Exchange global addresses and user personal contacts. This allows recipient address completion in a mail composition window and full calendar support with attendees' busy/free display. DavMail supports the CardDav protocol for synchronizing address books. This new feature is sponsored and funded by French Defense / DGA via project Trustedbird. DavMail's main objective is to provide standards-compliant protocols for proprietary Exchange. This includes LDAP for global address books, SMTP to send mails, IMAP to browse the server's messages in any folder, POP for inbox messages retrieval only, Caldav to support calendars, and CardDav to sync personal contacts. Microsoft Exchange can be used by any client that conforms to standards.

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Whats New

Version 5.5.0:

This release contains a lot of bugfixes, enhancements and some user contributions from Github
Most activity is related to HttpClient 4 refactoring, this will probably be the latest version based in HttpClient 3
Minimum Java version is now 8, also dropped Growl support on MacOS
Notable changes for end users are Oauth token persistence to avoid frequent O365 authentications and OIDC support for Personal outlook accounts
Known issues: some users reported regressions with form authentication, please report such regressions with log files

  • Catch non IOException errors in FolderLoadThread
  • Fix https://github.com/mguessan/davmail/pull/91 Allow user name to be specified as [email protected] in addition to domainuser to access shared mailbox
  • Unquote CHARSET in IMAP search
  • Cleanup test cases
  • Describe new Office 365 authentication modes
  • Remove deprecated enableEWS reference
  • Document new connection modes in template davmail.properties
  • Add all time downloads badge
  • Push sonarcloud badges
  • Apply xml transformer settings recommended by Sonar
  • Dos2unix template davmail.properties file
  • Prepare migration to https://davmail.sourceforge.io
  • Cleanup from audit
  • Latest edge user agent does not work, use Outlook 2013 instead
  • Convert HTTP code to Java 8
  • Cleanup from audit
  • Fix sonar detected vulnerability
  • Update to Java 8 and code cleanup
  • Comment HttpURLConnectionWrapper
  • Fix regression in AbstractServer
  • Remove unused label
  • Cleanup from audit at Java 8 language level
  • Enable TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
HttpClient 4:
  • HttpClient is not shared between clients, do not track connection state to enable NTLM connection pooling
  • Set default connection per route to 5
  • Refactor Exchange 2007 test cases
  • Prepare switch, create a temporary HC4WebDav mode
  • ExchangeSession cleanup
  • Unit test cleanup
  • Make ExchangeSession independent of HttpClient implementation
  • Remove reference to old HttpStatus in HttpClientAdapter
  • More HC4ExchangeFormAuthenticator refactoring and fixes
  • Test form authentication failure
  • More DavExchangeSession refactoring
  • More form authenticator fixes
  • Create ResponseWrapper interface for PostRequest and GetRequest
  • New executeFollowRedirect implementation and get user agent from settings
  • Cleanup from audit and fix regression, need to follow redirect after OWA authentication
  • More authentication test case
  • Implement single thread connection evictor
  • Improve PostRequest and RestRequest
  • Implement executePostRequest with test case
  • New GetRequest implementation with test case
  • More request refactoring
  • Refactor RestRequest to use ResponseHandler mode only
  • Refactor TestHttpClientAdapter
  • Improve RestRequest
  • Remove old HttpException and move to HttpResponseException
  • Switch to HttpGet
  • Add buildHttpException to HttpClientAdapter
  • Cleanup from audit
  • Keep statusLine in request
  • Cleanup to finalize migration
  • Convert encodeAndFixUrl
  • Remove old HttpStatus dependency
  • Remove HttpException dependency
  • Convert Head and Post methods
  • Convert GetMethod to HttpGet
  • Convert remaining http client 3 methods
  • Implement create/delete folder
  • Implement Exchange WebDav search request
  • Fix initial uri in HttpClientAdapter
  • Convert internalGetFolder
  • Refactor TestCaldavHttpClient4
  • More test cases on session creation
  • Convert getWellKnownFolders, first working version of session creation
  • Convert checkPublicFolder
  • Get httpClientAdapter from HC4ExchangeFormAuthenticator
  • Main test case for HC4DavExchangeSession
  • Convert getEmailAndAliasFromOptions
  • Convert getMailpathFromWelcomePage
  • Baseline DavExchangeSession for HttpClient 4 migration
  • Improve HttpClientAdapter, enable kerberos support according to setting
  • Improve HttpClientAdapter
  • Test timeouts with proxy
  • Refactor TestHttpClient4 with try with resource
  • Fix https://github.com/mguessan/davmail/pull/88 EXDATE timezone issue
  • Fix https://github.com/mguessan/davmail/pull/92 failover for null query with non https URI
  • Refactor O365Authenticator and fix regressions
  • Switch to new executeFollowRedirect implementation
  • Refactor O365Authenticator
  • Refactor O365InteractiveJSLogger to work with more JDK versions
  • Improve notification dialog test
  • Improve client certificate test
  • Improve getReleasedVersion test case
  • Improve base test cases
  • Add new harmcrest-core junit dependency ant enable IMAP test cases
  • Update junit to 4.12
  • Run a SSL server socket
  • Cleanup code
  • Improve TestDavGateway
  • Make AbstractDavMailTestCase abstract
  • Improve test cases
  • Fix file name for Appveyor trunk builds
  • Fix git svn warning
  • Try to get svn revision from git
  • Set jacoco path in sonar config
  • Fix test-compile language level
  • Upload coverage report to sourceforge for AppVeyor
  • Prepare Jacoco coverage report
  • Cleanup unused ant check
  • Exclude Sonar working directory from package
  • Try to run sonar from Appveyor build
  • Make getPageSize static
  • Merge PR Allow to configure EWS folder fetch page size https://github.com/mguessan/davmail/pull/79
  • Fix response handling
  • Fix O365Authenticator
  • Fix regression in O365Token
  • Handle malformed id_token
  • Refactor authenticators to use davmail.enableOidc
  • Create a new davmail.enableOidc setting tp switch to new v2.0 OIDC compliant endpoint https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/develop/azure-ad-endpoint-comparison
  • Prepare OIDC support, add v2.0 url in interactive authenticator
  • Prepare OIDC support, decode id_token
  • Enable davmail.oauth.persistToken by default
  • MOVE returns SC_CONFLICT on missing target folder
  • Update to Java 8
  • Improve error message handling
  • Fix smtp test cases
  • Clean test case
  • Fix dn authentication
  • Ber code cleanup from audit
  • Update LdapConnection to Java 8
  • Make parseIntWithTag protected to call it from LdapConnection
  • Use imported Ber implementation instead of com.sun.jndi.ldap
  • Import Ber implementation from OpenJDK to avoid compilation warnings
  • Drop Growl support