cURL for MAC

v 7.79.1
Category  Internet Utilities

About cURL For MAC

cURL supports:

FILE, FTP and FTPS, FILE, DICT, FILE, FTP and FTPS, Gopher. curl supports SSL certificates. HTTP POST, HTTP UT, FTP uploading. HTTP form based upload. Cookies. User+password authentication (Basic Plain, Digest CRAM-MD5, NTLM. Negotiate and Kerberos). File transfer resume. Proxy tunneling.

What is cURL used for and how does it work?

Curl is used to transfer data from command lines and scripts. It is also used in television sets, routers and printers, cars, TV sets, radios, audio equipment, audio equipment, smartphones, tablets, settop boxes and media players. It is the internet transfer backbone that thousands of software programs affect billions of people daily.

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Whats New

Version 7.79.1:

  • Curl_http2_setup: don't change connection data on repeat invokes
  • curl_multi_fdset: make FD_SET() not operate on sockets out of range
  • dist: provide lib/.checksrc in the tarball
  • FAQ: add GOPHERS + curl works on data, not files
  • hsts: CURLSTS_FAIL from hsts read callback should fail transfer
  • hsts: handle unlimited expiry
  • http: fix the broken >3 digit response code detection
  • strerror: use sys_errlist instead of strerror on Windows
  • test1184: disable
  • tests/ make it work with openssh-8.7p1