Cubism for MAC

v 1.2
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About Cubism For MAC

Cubism was created to be a fun, simple, and colorful way to visualize the music from your iTunes library.

To Install:
  • If iTunes is running, quit it
  • Drag the Cubism icon to the folder labeled "Compositions" inside of the disk image (or copy it to ~/Library/Compositions)
To use Cubism:
  • Open iTunes
  • Get into the music groove
  • Go to the menu bar and select View > Visualizer. Cubism will be displayed in the list of visualizers.
  • Go to View > Turn on Visualizer
Cubism is used:
  • To view track information, press the "I" key
  • To show help (admittedly, not very exciting at the moment), press the "H" key.
  • The sound levels are represented by the colored cubes. Bass is on the left, and treble is on the right.
  • The artwork cube visually shows the remaining time in the current track, moving from left-to-right as the song progresses.
  • The left side shows the current track time
  • The right sidebar shows the remaining time on the current track.

Download Cubism For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed issues that caused track information not to display when changing tracks
  • Moved display of help to the upper right corner
  • Added hours remaining
  • Currently iTunes ignores user input while the visualizer is displayed; therefore, the h and i keys do not work to display help and information. Track information still displays when a track is paused and while changing tracks.