Critical Updates for MAC

v 1.60
Category  System Utilities

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About Critical Updates For MAC

Important Updates informs you when a background upgrade of the listed components takes place. These can be controlled using the command-line softwareupdate utility and App Store preference settings in Systems Preferences.

Critical Updates refreshes your Components table upon launch. If it is left running, it polls the App Store to check for security updates. It also polls the App Store about once every 10 second while it is running. Critical Updates is very energy- and resource-efficient and can be left running without any impact on system resources.

  • Red is the new color for the components.
  • When a security update is required, an alert will appear in the window
  • To open the App Store, click the yellow triangle that is next to the alert text.
  • To hide the alert message, click the 'x' button
  • Double-click on any component's name in the Finder to reveal it.
  • To immediately open the App store preference settings, click the App Store icon located in the window

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Whats New

Version 1.60:

  • Replaced some old code that could trigger an authorisation request when running on versions of macOS greater than 10.13.