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v 6.0.24
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About Crisp For MAC

Crisp provides a complete solution for customer communication. It offers beautiful apps for all devices. You can reply to customers either from your computer or from your mobile device. MagicType allows you to view the messages as they are being typed. Before you hit send, see what's inside your visitors' heads. You can write your response message faster to increase your conversion rate. Each team has its own workflow. Crisp can integrate with the software that you already use with your colleagues. You can opt-in for an integration to answer customer queries from there or use our Crisp apps. It all works together.

  • Chatbox
    • Crisp supports more than 50 countries. We support the majority of the world's population, from English to Arabic.
    • MagicType allows you to respond faster to customers by seeing what they write in real-time.
    • To adapt to your brand, update colors, text, and positions.
    • Automate your sales using automated triggers to increase sales by up to 31%
    • You can have a fun and modern chat experience by sending files and GIFs.
    • In 90 seconds, you can set up Crisp in just 2 lines of code. We offer easy integrations with most CMS.
  • Apps: A beautiful app that works across all platforms. These apps are designed for digital workers. They are fast and easy to use.
  • Integrations
    • All your customers can be reached from one interface. Crisp integrations make it easy to connect with customers wherever they are. You can deliver a scalable, unified customer experience via Chatbox, Messenger Telegram, SMS, SMS, and email.
    • Crisp works with your existing tools, so you can continue your workflow. Crisp syncs all your messages from email, Slack or Zendesk so you can reply from any of your existing tools.
    • We have integrations that allow you to add multiple CMS with just one click. You can also find tutorials on our site. Just follow the steps! Crisp can be installed in less than 2 minutes.
  • Collaboration
    • The Crisp inbox syncs messages among all members of your team.
    • What about offline? Crisp notifies the right person. You will never miss a message, whether you are on your desktop, mobile, or email. Crisp supports office hours. This allows you to set up availability hours by operator and days.
    • Don't miss a thing! To keep your colleagues informed about a conversation with a customer, share a private note with them.
    • Crisp's MagicType lets you see what your colleagues are writing in real-time during a conversation.
  • Campaigns
    • Crisp helps you to build an audience. Crisp allows you to connect with thousands of people. Get new opportunities for your business and go global.
    • Crisp allows you to target customers across segments to deliver the right message at the right target.
    • Crisp campaigns allow users to reply directly to marketing emails. Your Crisp inbox will receive replies. Crisp team inboxes and canned responses can help you scale customer support.
    • Crisp campaigns can be used with multiple channels (Messenger SMS, Telegram, Email, Telegram) All of them can be reached from one interface. Our team integrations (Slack and Zendesk) make it easier to reply to your users faster.
  • Insights
    • MagicMap allows you to see real-time information about your business. You can see your customers all over the world on a map. Engage them!
    • MagicBrowse allows you to better understand your users and see their screens. You can help your users live and see what they do. Your users will appreciate your assistance. Your Crisp app has the power to allow users to co-browse.
    • Crisp Analytics gives you a complete overview of your business activities. Get analytics on chats, satisfaction, and emails. Measurable employee efficiency.
    • Crisp Profiles gives you a complete overview of your customers. You can access their social networks, activity history, and devices. Add your data!

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Version 6.0.24:

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