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v 2021.1.1
Category  Productivity

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About Coppice For MAC

Coppice allows you to collect your thoughts and ideas and link them together. Then, you can lay them out on an infinitely expanding Canvas. It's great to use for students, writers, project managers, and anyone who needs to make sense out of a lot of connected information.

How Coppice works
  • Pages: Every thought is represented by Page. Pages can contain text and images, and can be as large or small as you wish.
  • Links - Thoughts are not independent, so Coppice allows for you to add links between pages in order to show the relationships between them
  • Canvases - Canvases allow you to visually organize Pages and to see the connections between them. As you add content to Canvases, they grow in all directions.
  • Branches. Combine Pages, Links and Canvases to see your thoughts branching. Coppice can even recall branches that you have closed, and restore them when you click on the link. This means that entire train of thought is always just a click away
Coppice Pro

Coppice is free but you can upgrade to Coppice Pro for $19.99 per year to unlock all features of Coppice.

  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Automatic Page Linking
  • Changing Canvas Themes
  • Page Folders

Additional pricing information is available.

Download Coppice For MAC

Whats New

Version 2021.1.1:

  • Jump to Page/Link to Page windows now scroll when using the arrow keys to change selection
  • Search sidebar no longer displays behind window controls on macOS Big Sur