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About CoolTerm For MAC

CoolTerm a simple serial port terminal application (no terminal emulator) that is intended for hobbyists as well as professionals who need to exchange data with hardware connected via serial ports. This includes servo controllers. GPS receivers.

You can display received data in text and hexadecimal formats, support for multiple concurrent connections (if multiple serial ports exist), the ability to transmit data in text and hexadecimal formats, local echo, hardware, software flow control (XON), and logging of received information to text files. Written in Xojo.

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Whats New


New/changed features:
  • Added support for transmit macros.
  • Added code to detect sudden removal of serial devices. When a port is currently open, it will be closed when the device suddenly disappears.
  • Added code to detect re-appearance of serial devices.
  • Added option to automatically reconnect to a re-appearing device has suddenly disappeared before while the port was open. If enabled, CoolTerm will attempt to re-open the port. The re-connect delay can be configured as well. This is useful when attached microcontrollers are being rebooted.
  • The automatic re-connect function also includes the use case when connection settings with "Automatically connect on open" enabled are opened and the selected port is not immediately available. CoolTerm will now automatically connect once the port becomes available.
  • Added special character handling option to combine contiguous CR characters in to a single CR.
  • Added new special character handling option to treat CR characters as real carriage returns. Instead of interpreting CR as a new line character, CoolTerm will instead move the insertion point to the beginning of the current line and overwrite the existing line with newly received characters.
  • Added a "Plain Text" option to the selection of capture formats. When "Plain Text" is selected, the "Special Character Handing" settings are applied to the received data before capturing to file.
  • Added option to wait for line endings before adding timestamps to received data. This emulates the timestamp behavior of the Arduino serial monitor.
  • Added menu item under the View menu to show the current receive buffer fill level.
  • Added preference options to include the serial port selection and terminal window position and size when saving connection settings as default.
  • Extended range for custom baudrate input field. It is now possible to specify custom baudrates up to 100,000,000 baud.
  • Added code to force a GUI update at Connect/Disconnect events as well as when a CoolTerm window first opens and when connection settings are changed. This avoids delays for GUI updates when long GUI refresh intervals are selected.
  • Made further improvements to how unavailable ports are handled. CoolTerm will now re-scan for available serial ports before trying to access the port with the specified name.
  • It is now possible to paste directly into the terminal window when Line Mode is enabled.
  • Updated behavior when pasting text into the terminal window. CoolTerm will now sound a system beep when pasting is attempted while the port is closed.
  • Change the default for "Refresh Serial Ports when opening Options" from false to true.
  • Revised code to reference serial port object by their name instead of their index in array of available ports since that can change when the user adds/removes serial devices.
  • Updated warning dialog when connection settings with an unavailable port are loaded with the option to select a different port, select the default port, or cancel, instead of just selecting the default port.
  • Changed the built-in help to use a HTMLViewer control and updated the help text with a hyperlinked table of contents.
  • Added preference option to use the default web browser instead of the built-in HTML viewer to display the built-in help.
  • [macOS] now building universal binaries for Intel and ARM based Macs.