Cocoa Packet Analyzer for MAC

v 1.90
Category  System Utilities

About Cocoa Packet Analyzer For MAC

Cocoa Packet Anlyzer is a native OS X version of a packet sniffer and network protocol analyzer. It uses the industry-standard PCAP packet capture format to read, capture and write packet trace files.

Uses the Cocoa bundles technology to create TCP/IP application layer protocol "Analyzer PlugIns". Features a quicklook plugin.

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Whats New

Version 1.90

  • Dark Mode support
  • Capture daemon is now an XPC service (launchdaemon)
  • Capture graph updated and more UI enhancements
  • Notarized by apple
  • Ether frame padding fixed
  • General stability and compatibility fixes
  • Known issue: initial install of captureD might fail, there will be a prompt to install it again next time you start CPA