Clipboard Pimper for MAC

v 2.0M
Category  System Utilities

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About Clipboard Pimper For MAC

Clipboard Pimper gives you full control over your clipboard. You can see what text is in it, modify it, delete it, or replace it. You can even hear it spoken aloud and save it to a file called.txt on your computer!

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Whats New

Version 2.0M:

  • Program completely redesigned with new graphics and text
  • Shrink window feature added
  • Select all text feature added
  • Open .txt document feature added
  • Save .txt document feature added
  • Character information feature added
  • Transparency settings added
  • Center window feature added
  • About dialog removed (replaced with About screen)
  • Save clipboard to .txt document feature added
  • 1 new text size added (for a total of 2)
  • Donate button added
  • Facebook "like" button added
  • Catzware Update feature redesigned
  • Code cleaned up
  • Performance improved
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Other minor changes