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About ChucK/miniAudicle For MAC

ChucK/miniAudicle a new audio programming language that allows for real-time synthesis and composition. ChucK is a time-based concurrent programming system that supports a higher level of expressiveness and multiple simultaneous dynamic control rates. It also provides a simple concurrent programming model and the ability to add and remove code while the program runs, without having to stop or restart.

It provides composers, researchers, performers, and musicians with a powerful and flexible programming platform for creating and experimenting complex audio synthesis programs and real-time interactive control. ChucK can also interface with MIDI instruments and human interface devices, Open Sound Control, multi-channel audio hardware, and multichannel audio hardware.

The miniAudicle, a lightweight Cocoa-based integrated environment for ChucK's audio programming language, is very light. It can be used as a standalone ChucK development/runtime/on-the-fly programming environment, or in conjunction with traditional command-line modes of 'chuck' operation and with other chuck tools.

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Whats New


  • Support for 64-bit on windows
  • Chuck_External API for including and running ChucK from elsewhere in C++
    • Specify the sample rate
    • Optionally specify the directory that me.dir() should evaluate to; this dir will also be scanned for chugins
    • Optionally use custom callbacks for out and err messages from ChucK
  • External keyword - for communicating variable values to and from C++ code using Chuck_External API
  • ChucK "core" as library, independent of external system audio I/O; now much easier to embed ChucK as a component in other hosts (e.g., command line, plugins, Unity, etc.)
  • ChucK "host" (command line app)
  • SOURCE: code support for multiple ChucK/VM instances
  • SOURCE: one file to include them all (chuck.h)
  • c_str() method for Chuck_Strings, so that chugins with a different definition of std::string can still construct their own string
  • API for chugin API calls
    • Now API variable must be passed
    • SHRED variable must also occasionally be passed
  • Refactored Chuck_String representation to be immutable
  • Refactored to eliminate global VM, compiler, and env variables
  • Compiler stores a reference to env Compiler stores a reference to vm
    • vm stores a reference to env
    • env stores its own top-level types; no more global type variables
    • DL_Query stores a reference to compiler
  • Refactored all print statements to use new macros