ChitChat for MAC

v 1.5.0
Category  Internet Utilities

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About ChitChat For MAC

ChitChat is a native Mac wrapper for WhatsApp's web client WhatsApp Web. It allows you to receive Notification Center notifications about new messages and adds useful keyboard shortcuts.

  • Start a new conversation with N
  • F. Search past conversations
  • Jump to your 1..9th most recent conversation.

Inspiration from Messenger For Mac, created Rasmus Andersson. This code is used by WhatsMac.

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Whats New

Version 1.5.0:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented traffic light buttons from being shown after exiting full-screen mode
  • Fixed issue which prevented WhatsApp Web from loading in some cases on OS X 10.11
  • Improved the menu-bar icon's appearance in dark mode
  • You can now double click on the window's title bar to maximise/shrink it