Breach for MAC

v 0.6.1916.114
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Breach For MAC

Breach This is a new approach to Web browsers, especially for the HTML5 era ....

  • Modular: Everything in the browser can be described as a module. A module is a web-app that runs in its own process. You can create your own browsing experience by choosing the right modules.
  • Hackable Want vertical tabs in ? Make some CSS and JS! A custom autocomplete engine? JS! Every behavior is programmatically exposed via APIs.
  • Open Source The entire technological stack can be downloaded open-source. To extend Breach's behavior, modify existing modules or create your own.

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Whats New

Version 0.6.1916.114:

  • We've been trying a few fun features with mod_strip (the default module installed at onboarding):
    • Tabs are FIFO
    • Tabs sniff the color of the page (well to be honest, the favicon)
    • Typing in the URL bar let's you interactively filter tabs