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v 1.14.2
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About Brackets For MAC

Adobe will cease support for Brackets on September 1, 2021. You can fork Brackets on GitHub if you wish to continue using, maintaining and improving them.

Brackets, an Open-Source editor that allows Web design and development, is built on top Web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Adobe created the project and maintains it. It is available under an MIT License.

Guiding Ideas
  • Brackets for the web is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Brackets are codeable if you know how to code.
  • Open development works
    Brackets is an open-source project that is community-driven. You can influence its direction. Join the developer group and start contributing.
  • Tools shouldn’t get in the way
    Brackets is not about cluttering your workspace with floating panels and toolbars, but rather provides "Quick Edit", in-line views that provide context sensitive access to your content without taking you away form your code.
  • Works with your browser
    Your design view is the browser. Brackets connect directly to the browser. This allows you to design and build in the same environment as you deploy.

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Whats New

Version 1.14.2:

  • Open File in external Applications: Brackets now offers support to open file of any arbitrary type with external applications. In User Preferences settings, you can associate a file extension to open with the default associated application or open with a specific application
  • Automatically associate Graphics file types to its OS default application: If an opened project folder has any graphics file of type: ["xd", "jpg", "jpeg", "svg", "ai", "png", "psd"], then with user’s consent Brackets will associate these graphics file types with its OS default associated application and record this under user preference settings under the category "externalApplications"