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v 1.4.0
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About Boxer For MAC

Boxer Plays all the MS-DOS games from your misplaced youth right here on your Mac

You don't need to worry about configuration or confusing DOS commands. Just drag your games onto Boxer and you'll be enjoying your game in no time.

Boxer wraps your CDs and flippies into gameboxes that you can just click to play. They are self-contained so that you can backup them or share them with your friends. No mess, no fuss

If nostalgia is your passion, you can decorate your games with beautiful icons and enjoy your collection from your very own Finder game shelf

Boxer is powered via DOSBox's powerful emulation which means it can play almost any DOS games you throw at it

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Whats New

Version 1.4.0:

  • Security update which fixes a vulnerability in Sparkle, Boxer's automatic updater.