Bombardier for MAC

v 3.0
Category  System Utilities

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About Bombardier For MAC

Bombardier a Mac utility that extracts Boot Camp drivers and downloads them with one click

  • Download Boot Camp Drivers in One Click
    • The Boot Camp driver disk image is automatically extracted from the downloaded package (PKG).
    • You can filter, sort, or search in any way to narrow down the Mac Models and Boot Camp Packages that you are interested in.
    • Boot Camp drivers are downloaded to a folder of your choosing (default: ~/Downloads/Bombardier)
  • Launching Bombardier will automatically upgrade:
    • The Mac Models List
    • The Apple Software Update Catalog (SUCatalog), which is used to determine Boot Camp drivers
    • Note: The catalog can also be reset/overridden via Preferences

Download Bombardier For MAC

Whats New

Version 3.0:

  • Complete app rewrite - visual design overhaul and modern SwiftUI App Life-Cycle
  • Boot Camp Packages now display versions
  • Added filter and sort options in addition to search
  • The Software Update Catalog can now be reset to the Apple default
  • You can now specify a downloads directory (default: ~/Downloads/Bombardier)
  • Menubar items have been cleaned up
  • Shiny new app icon!