Bingo Genie Lite for MAC

v 1.0.0
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About Bingo Genie Lite For MAC

You can easily create beautiful personalized BINGO cards for any occasion, classroom, or party. You have achieved your goal. Bingo Geenie allows you to quickly create your own custom cards by simply adding text to the boxes in your choice fonts and colors. Then, print your cards like magic. It should be easy.

We have compiled a list of delightful features for you. These features can be compared to any other bingo-card-making software that you may have...

  • You can choose from a variety of card sizes, including 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5.
  • You can create a deck of cards from 4 to 100, and include a call sheet that lists every box item used on the cards.
  • You can create your own list of words and phrases for the boxes, with different languages and emojis, and you can choose your fonts and colors to use for the text.
  • You can optionally add your own title, subtitle, and footer above the cards.
  • You can toggle the use of the FREE box in the middle on/off, or choose a different word to be the "FREE" container.
  • You can toggle the display of the letters "BINGO" above the columns on and off, and you can choose your font and color for text.
  • You can choose a different size and color for the grid lines around your card boxes or you can turn off the grid lines completely.
  • You can also add your background image behind the cards.
  • Save your card deck settings to a file that you can open and print later or to send to other Bingo Genie users.
  • Automatically create a "Call Sheet", a reference sheet listing all box items in this deck. This can be used to call the boxes or random select them. The call sheet is available in two formats: "list" or "boxes".
  • Print your deck of cards and save it as a PDF file.
  • To "re-create" an older printed deck, use the unique "Deck ID" generated by Bingo Genie. This is in case Dave accidentally takes home and loses card #13.
  • Each card's "Deck ID" is printed in scrawled letters. However, it is always "sanitized" to ensure no embarrassing "naughty" words are in it. It will always be "classroom safe."
  • Get this software once and you can keep it forever. There are no hidden fees or upgrade costs. Never.
  • This software can be used without an internet connection. Bingo Genie doesn't require an internet connection to work its magic.

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Whats New

Version 1.0.0:

  • Initial release