BiblioteQ for MAC

v 2021.09.10
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About BiblioteQ For MAC

BiblioteQ is a professional archiving and cataloging suite that uses a Qt interface. It also provides connectivity to PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQLite. For retrieving data from books, journals, or magazines, the Open Library, SRU, Z39.50, and Z39.50 protocols can be used. AMD, ARM, Alpha, PowerPC, Sparc64, etc. Completed.

BiblioteQ software is free and open-source library software.
  • ARM architecture support.
  • Administrator roles
  • Alpha architecture support.
  • Archive important documents.
  • Cataloguing books, dvds and grey literature, journals, magazines and music cds. Photograph collections.
  • Drag and drop support for images to cover.
  • Displays that can be customized.
  • Pricing information and custom item data can be customized.
  • Documentation
  • Embedded hyperlinks allow for localized searches for similar items.
  • Export of views to CSV files
  • Files browser.
  • Technology that is free and open source.
  • FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, OS/2, OpenBSD, Windows, etc.
  • Amazon and Open Library provide front cover image retrieval
  • Importing books from CSV files
  • Internationalization (translation) support. BiblioteQ currently supports Arabic and Czech, Dutch, English French, German Greek, Hungarian Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Attachments to item files
  • Reserving an item
  • Listings of overdue, requested, and reserved items
  • MARC21 and UNIMARC both record syntaxes.
  • Make install for MacOS and Windows
  • Natively compiled on Alpha ARM, PowerPC and Sparc64.
  • Open Library queries for selected items
  • Patrons can reserve optional items in the history section.
  • Poppler PDF reader, where available
  • Local MARC tags can be scanned. Books, journals, magazines.
  • Patron information.
  • Portable
  • PostgreSQL accounts have various privileges.
  • PowerPC support.
  • Print support, including previews
  • Support for Qt 5.x
  • Raspberry Pi!
  • Rich search capabilities, including custom SQL queries.
  • Row-level security policies in PostgreSQL
  • Sparc64 support.
  • Support for multiple Z39.50 and SRU sites
  • Support for requesting unavailable items.
  • Threaded data retrieval using the standard Z39.50 protocol. This protocol is for books, journals, magazines.
  • Transactional database queries.
  • True PostgreSQL pagination and SQLite pagination
  • Uniform functionality across platforms
  • Windows portable.

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Whats New

Version 2021.09.10:

  • New column added to the CSV Import browser.
  • New column added to the main table denoting read status. SQLite only.
  • PostgreSQL 10.18, Windows.