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v 1.1.0
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About Beaker For MAC

Beaker allows users to create socially and independently through a Peer to Peer Web Browser. Beaker uses P2P web hosting to separate the frontend app and backend servers so that users have complete control over their applications. Beaker introduces BitTorrent concepts to the Web at a high-level. Anyone can publish a website immediately and independently using their browser.

Sites can contain files and data, media, as well as fully-featured apps. They allow users to publish content without allowing the service or app to have control. There is no walled garden. The keys that control each site are still in the browser. Cloud hosting is available through Public Peer services. Users don't need to keep their devices online in order to host on their own. These services offer the same uptime as traditional hosts, but without locking in; users can move from one service to the next without any disruption.

Forking allows you to modify any website and instantly deploy it. Applications can be rebuilt to function exactly as they wish. Our mission is to give the tools of creation back to users. It will be chaotic, creative, and weird - just as the Web should be! Beaker was derived from Chrome. It is open-source and free.

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Whats New

Version 1.1.0:

New features:
  • Add See the API docs. (close #1864)
  • Add the ability to set tags in create/forkDrive when prompt=false (#1864)
  • Add the ability to create drives from the select/save file dialogs (close #1866)
  • Automatically update the drives listings in modal dialogs (close #1867)
  • Fix issue with screenshot captures (close #1872)
  • Destroy all tabs when a window is closed (fix #1871)
  • Dont unsnap windows from the edge on ctrl+tab (close #1868)
  • Maintain focus in the active pane when window blurs then refocuses (close #1869)
  • Fix the license-viewer mouse events (close #1862)
  • Fixes to the shutdown process
  • Remove old contacts UI in select-file modal
  • Fix reference error in webterm