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v 1.6.1
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About BBAutoComplete For MAC

BBAutoComplete Word auto-completion is available for Affrus and BBEdit. It also works with Microsoft Word, Mailsmith, Microsoft Word. Script Debugger. Smile. Tex-Edit Plus. TextWrangler. BBAutoComplete completes the word by entering the beginning of a word and pressing a key. If BBAutoComplete is wrong, you can press the key again to cycle through all possible completions. Other auto-completion utilities will need to know the abbreviations or expansions you use. BBAutoComplete saves you the hassle by automatically searching for expansions in the program’s open documents. It will only suggest completions that are relevant for your current task. BBAutoComplete is most useful for programmers who have to remember and type long method and variable names. However, it can also be used to aid in prose writing. It is useful for typing long words quickly and accurately. BBEdit 9 and higher have an auto-completion function, but BBAutoComplete is better in certain ways. BBAutoComplete can search for completions in text within other windows or documents that are open. BBEdit can ignore possible completions depending on where your cursor is located. This applies even if the words are only a few lines apart in the same document. BBAutoComplete's completions are predictable and consistent. They do not change based upon the syntactic context. BBAutoComplete recognizes that each case is unique, so it helps to narrow down the list to the most relevant.

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Whats New

Version 1.6.1:

  • The Software Update… installer now works on macOS 10.15. If you’ve already updated to macOS 10.15, you can use it to download the new version but will have to install it manually, as described in the Updating From a Previous Version section of the manual.
  • BBAutoComplete now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14 and later.
  • BBAutoComplete is now notarized by Apple.
  • Fixed a bug where the front-window-only script for BBEdit reported an error.
  • The About window now includes a link to the privacy policy and has an updated layout.
  • Improved support for Dark Mode.
  • Improved the diagnostic report.
  • Updated to Xcode 10.3.