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About Battery Guru For MAC

Battery Guru displays advanced information about your battery's current state. It can be found in your menu bar. Battery Guru will display in your menu bar real-time information about how many milliamps you are using at any given time. This allows you to keep an eye on the number and can alert you if it goes too high. If it does go up, you will know that something is draining your battery faster than you should. You can also investigate the page or application and close it if you don't use it anymore. The "Smart Battery" in your computer is actually a smart battery that holds a lot of information. Battery Guru allows you to access this information, which will allow you to monitor the state of your battery and be more aware of what's going on in your computer.

One of two things can cause your battery to drain quickly:

  1. Sometimes, an app that you don't use will run in the background and consume 100% of your processor cores. This is common because Flash applications are often open in one of the tabs.
  2. You may not be aware, but your MacBook Pro came with two graphics cards. One that uses very little power and one that is significantly more powerful, but consumes significantly more power. You can switch between Lion and a newer MacBook Pro by using the OS. However, you may have an app or webpage open that drains your battery unnecessarily.

It serves a secondary purpose: to provide information you don't usually have access too. It will show you:

  • Comparing the capacity of your battery to when it was brand new, this is how much current capacity you can have.
  • The number of times your battery was charged and discharged.
  • The date that your battery was made
  • The exact temperature of your battery
  • The current battery charge is a higher percentage than the operating system.

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Version 1.9.1:

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